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Our Dietary Supplements are designed to help men and women lose weight. The herbs and natural botanicals used in  our weight loss pills and detox formulas are beneficial in suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism and increasing fat burn.

We do this in a healthy and safe way.

The Denim Plus Dietary formula uses an ingenious two fold effect that works in managing your weight loss.

The best way to control weight loss is by stemming food intake, whilst stimulating your body’s own metabolism. The combined effects have proven successful in helping people loose weight.

Our dietary program is one of the only diets which allows you to eat 3 meals a day – yet loose weight. You don’t even need to exercise – although we recommend this as part of a healthy lifestyle regime.

By eating less and not being hungry as often – helps the body use whatever excess fat we have as energy. The natural energy provided by body fat help shed excess weight over time.